O Horned Bucca, both Dark and Fair, Divine Androgyne,
be in all hearts and on the tip of every tongue.
For your time has come again as it does with the beginning of each moment.
Lore and Craft of the Pellar / Peller
A list of Tools of the Pellars / Peller Craft
Polter pystri-Magick powders
The Staff (Gwelen) World Tree
Know well the rules of our art
Self Dedication to the Horned One Rite
The Serpent of the rocks
Traditional Witchcraft Links
Other Useful Links
The maze is a coiled serpent,
Breathing the Serpents breath,
Enter the maze and return transformed.
Popular Romances of the West of England collected and edited by Robert Hunt.
Cornish Witchcraft Artefacts