With joy I call thee, O Grand Bucca, Ancient power that was from the begining and is for all eternity both male and female.
fill me with thy spirit!
Let there be union between thine own self and me, And between my spirit companions and me And let that union be so complete as to enshrine our trinity Within and without; let the force of thy wisdom permeate my body, Mind, soul and spirit, let the power raised from that union flow out to thee So that our works may be accomplished.
I join hands with my spirit companions in Sacred union of body, Mind, soul and spirit, through which the power thus raised be directed to thee.
In Token thereof, Bucca both dark and fair, instil into me your eternal wisdom. As we come together and are one, The forces within us are joined into still greater force by the touch of your hand, O Horned One protector of wisdom.