Some of the tools of the Pellars Craft.
Gwelen: A forked ritual pole or Staff used by Pellar to invoke, call up the powers, send powers, mark out the compass and as a focal point. Often made of ash but can also be of other woods and having a Horn or antler fork at the top. Though it is sometimes made both shaft and fork, from one piece of wood. After the compass has been marked out the staff is stood upright at its centre were it represents the cosmic axis, centre of the crossroads or world tree. Its roots in the deepest parts of underworld (Annown), its trunk passing through the centre of this world (Nor), and reaching up to the Heavens (Nevek), uniting all worlds and giving access to them. Its Horns represent the union that resolves all of dualities, Female/Male, Life/Death, Womb/Tomb, Dark/Fair etc.
Wand:- A rod much smaller than the Staff, normally between 12" and 18" and can be of any material that is fitting for its use wood, bone, glass, horn etc. Where, as a Pellar would normally have only one or two staffs s/he may have many wands. Like the staff it is used to conjure up and send forth powers but it's not normally used to mark out the compass unless the Pellar has no staff with them.
Blasting Rod: - A form of wand or staff generally made of Blackthorn or Yew taken from a graveyard. Used to Ban or Curse a place or individual i.e. drive away its/their Sprowl making them infertile, lifeless and desolate, and other dark magick.
Troy, Moon or Mazy Stones: - A large stone, often slate, on which a Troy Maze has been carved. Used to induce a trance state by various ritual actions, the most commonly known being to follow the maze with your finger while making a low wordless chant or sound. This is preferable done under the light of the full moon.
Cronnekdhu: - A powerful charm in the form of a dried Toad. This charm is created and empowered by following secret rites and is said to give the possessor the power to manipulate the mind of both humans and animals.
Human Skull: - Often used in rites to represent the "First one" i.e. the first initiate, either of the line or of all Pellar. Also sometimes used to personify death or as a means of communication with spirits of the ancestors. Human Skulls are also used occasionally as Spirit Houses for familiar spirits.
Stones, Bones, Feathers, shells etc: - Pellar frequently use various types of Stones, Bones, Feathers, shells etc each having its own 'Virtue'.
Bone Horn: - A horn made from bone, preferably humane, use to call up the spirits if the dead in both Necromantic and other rites.
Cup: - Can be made from horn, stone, clay or carved wood or even carved from a skull. Cups either made by the Pellar him/herself or given as a gift either from another Pellar or a loved one are considered the best. Often used in Troyle rites i.e. the sacramental sharing of drink and food, between Pellar and the Bucca as well as other deities and spirits. Also used to collect the magickally charged fluids that arise from sexual workings and bloodletting rites. It is also sometimes used for mixing salt and water for use in some forms of extreme exorcism, all spirits of the land hate salt  and so it is rarely used.
Milpreve Stones: - A blue stone ring with a yellow zigzag line running around it. Also known as an Adder bead, Snake or Adder Stones, the name Milpreveis said to come from the Cornish word Milpref meaning ";A thousand snakes". Often used to treat adder bites by soaking the Milpreve in water, washing the bit and then giving the victim the empowered water to drink. Also used in the treatment of other conditions especially female diseases and eye conditions.
The Knife (Collel): - used for exorcism, weather magick, magick's cast over long distance and the conjuring, commanding or controlling of troublesome spirits. Unlike the Wiccan Athame it normally has a single edged blade and a natural bone, horn or wooden handle and isn't used to mark out the compass/ circle. It is also sometimes used to draw blood for certain rites and spells.
Spirit Houses: - Frequently taking the form of a jar or box in which are placed soil, feathers, stones and other items with symbolic meaning. Once consecrated or dedicated they become places in which the Peller's familiar spirits live. Spirit Houses are also sometimes used to house or even entrap other types of spirits. Sometimes animal or even human skulls are used as Spirit Houses.
Glass fishing floats: - Hollow glass balls, normally dark green, once used as floats on fishing nets. When placed in a shallow bowl or dish of Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) or other magickal herbs, Glass fishing floats are used in the same way as crystal balls.
Broom: - Various types of brooms are used, normally to sweep a area ritual or otherwise clean of any unwanted negative energies, but sometimes when needed to sweep away good luck or sweep in bad luck into the houses of those who deserve it (a form of curse).
Boleen (Collel gam): - "The Crooked". Small sickle-like knives, the curved blade normally being made of bronze or other non-ferrous metals, or occasionally even flint. Used to cut/gather mushrooms, herbs and other plant materials.
Bowl: - Generally made of wood or clay. Used to hold magickal powders used in spells and rituals, also charms are sometimes placed in the bowl and left over night to "Cook" i.e. to gather power/Sprowl.